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Steer with Efficiency and Precision

Drawing upon GNSS technology, the AH1 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit empowers agricultural machinery to effectively regulate steering oil, steering with 2.5 cm accuracy. Its robust force and quick responsiveness make it the perfect fit for large agricultural machinery that requires significant steering power, ultimately improving both accuracy and efficiency in field operations.

Guidance Line Management


Farm Management

GIS Information Transfer

Terrain Compensation

Wide Compatibility


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Powerful Steering for Larger AG Machinery

The AH1 offers robust hydraulic power to directly and swiftly drive the steering wheels, making it ideal for larger tractors and heavy-duty machinery. With its unrivaled steering control, the AH1 effortlessly maneuvers and navigates even the heavy equipment, ensuring a precise and powerful ride.

Enhanced Steering Efficiency


Enhanced Steering Efficiency

The AH1's stationary steering wheel and column minimize the impact of uneven terrain, providing an unparalleled level of precision and stability in rough fields or when operating at high speeds. In essence, the AH1 delivers a smooth, controlled ride, even in the toughest conditions.

Versatile Functionalities

  • U-turn
  • Wide Compatibility
  • ISOBUS Control
  • Terrain Compensation
  • Farm Management
Featuring both Smart and Basic U-turn options, the AH1 offers precise, automatic turns, reducing manual steering and enhancing operational efficiency. The Smart option intelligently plans the optimal path for turns and headland closing, while the Basic option provides straightforward Ω and fishtail shapes with the touch of a button. Effortless turns and seamless operation.

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Control Terminal

  • Size 300 × 190 × 43 mm

  • Power Supply 9V - 36V

  • Network Module 4G, compatible with 2G / 3G

  • IP Rating IP65

GNSS Antenna

  • Size 152 × 63 mm

  • Frequency GPS:L1, L2; GLONASS: G1, G2; BDS-2: B1I, B3I BDS-3: B1I, B3I, B1C, B2b Galileo: E1, E5b; SBAS: L1; QZSS:L1,L2

  • IP Rating IP 66


  • Acceleration Accuracy 0.5 mg

  • Gyroscope Accuracy 0.1°/s

  • Roll and Pitch Angle 0.2°

  • Power Input 5 V

Pressure Sensor

  • Interface Thread G 1/4 External Thread

  • Output Signal 0-5 V DC

  • Pressure Range 3000 psi

Proportional Valve

  • Rated Oil Flow 30L/min; 60L/min

  • Input Voltage 12 V

  • Valve Type Open Center; Closed Center

Angle sensor

  • IP Rating IP 67

  • Operating Temperature -40 °C - +85 °C